Our company was founded in the year of 1999. Its business activities are developed in these basic areas:

  • Advisory administrative, accounting, financial - economical,
  • private equity investments,
  • short-term speculative investments,
  • management of receivables,
  • activities of real estate developer,

Mentioned activities are provided by our professional team consisting of fundamental employees as well as external specialists and reputable law offices.


Basic information about the company:

Certificate of incorporation date 19.11.1999
Incorporated in CR Prešov, section Sro,  insertion 11904/P
Registered office Kukorelliho 60, 066 01 Humenne, Slovakia
Registration No.
36 463 833
Partners Ing. Ivan Gondor
Monika Kačurová
Executive Ing. Ivan Gondor
Capital share 35.200.000 SKK




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